Suggestions For Getting Math Homework Answers From A Former Student

This may sound a little sneaky but essentially if you ask a former student to help you with your math homework that is sort of like asking your older brother of sister to help you. Let’s look at the positives and the negatives.

The Positives:

  • The student would probably have been taught by the same teacher that you have for math. If the student was good at math they probably did well in that class.
  • The student would have probably have studied the same curriculum as you are now studying in the math class.
  • Unless you have an older brother or sister, the former student is probably more up to date on common core math than your parents.
  • They would probably feel much esteemed to be asked for help by a younger student from the school where they used attend.

The Negatives:

  • How do you know that they were good at Math? How do you know that they may have passed only because they had help from a former student?
  • If you ask someone else to give you the answers to your homework you may not be able to keep going back and forth to ask for their help.
  • The curriculum has changed so the tasks set will have significantly altered.
  • They may say 'No'. But if you don't ask them you will never know if they will help you or not. Do not take it personally if they refuse to help you.
  • The homework may differ from previous years. If that is the case you can still benefit from some extra help.

How do you ask them?

  • If you already know the former student or a friend has recommended them to you then this makes the situation easier than if you only know them by sight.
  • If a friends has recommended them, then your friend probably knows that the former student will help you and has probably helped other students.
  • Before you talk to them make sure that you know exactly what difficulty you are experiencing and what help you would like.
  • Be polite and never assume. Ask for their advice rather than go straight in and ask them for the answers to your homework.
  • If you have never spoken to or been introduced to the former student then that is going to be very, very difficult and awkward.
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